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hungry like cow

strata in hot_messs

"lovers noodles"

From eating!

I was craving some pancit or Filipino style stir fry noodles and didn't have too many ingredients. So what's a poor college graduate left to do? Improvise.

Dry ramen noodles
mixed cabbage and lettuce salad
white mushrooms
minced onions, garlic, red bell pepper, carrots
sea salt
ground black pepper
soy sauce
oyster sauce
sesame oil
drops of lemon juice
boneless chicken breasts

Boil boneless chicken breasts in a medium bowl.
Meanwhile, fry the minced onions, garlic, red bell pepper, carrots in a medium sized pan.
Add sesame oil and let simmer.
Cut up chicken breasts into small cubes. Do not drain the chicken stock.
Mix chicken breasts with fried veggies.
Add soy sauce and let simmer. Add some sea salt and ground black pepper.
Add the mixed cabbage and lettuce salad leaves and mix.
Put the dry ramen noodles in to the mix. The mixture should be a little wet.
Add the chicken stock in to the mixture. It should look REALLY wet. (This is a WTF moment, but trust me it will work out)
Mix, mix, mix. Add oyster sauce.
Mix until water evaporates from the mixture. Noodles should still be a little wet. Turn off heat.
Add drops of lemon juice.


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