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ohaugustsparkle in hot_messs

Calling All Chefs, Sous Chefs and Wannabe Chefs!

We now have a food blog! So let's scribble all over it. :)

Kiwi: we should start a food blog
Me: haha

: you know what would be fun?
it'll be our travel food blog.. where we go to diff places/countries and take pics of all the fascinating food we eat
and post it on our blog
 Lovely ooooooo that is perfect
me and then if we have a favorite we can add a recipe for it on our blog
 Lovely i'm in the habit of comparing the same dish at different places
 Lovely i'd probably do weird combination dishes that i make up
 me we really have to wander around and find places to eat now
and make our own dishes too
yeah lol
 Lovely entitled "Lovely's Kitchen is a Hot Mess"
 me hahah i like that
kitchens ARE hot!
 Lovely haha i like your ideas
let's doooo it!
 me can we steal your title, lovely?
and just name our blog "our kitchen is a hot mess!"
or "hot mess"
for short
 Lovely ooooh that sounds good to me LOL
let's run it by kieu
 me RIGHT? it's still kitchen themed, yet ridic! yay perfect

 me so we'll have our random, made up dishes that we can blog about whether or not it turns out edible lol and we can also post pics of random food we come across on our travels, favorite recipes...
 Lovely liking the way you think KK
 me annnd rate restaurants haha
 me i'm makin' an LJ blog now.. i wonder if "hot mess" is taken lol
better not be!
oh wait, should we ask kieu if she agrees to it first
 Lovely good idea
 me mother F lovely!
it's taken!
 Lovely booooooooo!
 me let's add a couple s's to Mess lol
 Lovely hhahaha
 me yay 3 s's worked!
there's 3 of us, so it seems fitting, albeit grammatically incorrect
 Lovely lol messs
done and done

Thus, our food blog was born.