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ohaugustsparkle in hot_messs

So on Thursday after work I decided to go to the grocery store and shop for things to make Pad Thai. So basically I spent $26 on stuff. Whaat? It adds up so quickly. Then later that day ended up doing something else, other than cooking. And also didn't get around to it on Friday or Saturday or Sunday, because all of those days, I was basically surrounded by food and so it wasn't necessary or practical to cook something. And today, the same story. Anyway, I think my shrimp is bad now. What a waste :( ... it was the most expensive ingredient too, lol. Maybe I'll get new shrimp and attempt it tomorrow if my friend decides she wants to uninvite me to her birthday get-together in SF, because I'm a bad friend and am too lazy to drive out there. Sue me.

Sorry, that is a lot of words for me basically just trying to say, "Um, sorries... I'll contribute something to this blog eventually. Soon." lol
 Meanwhile... I'm eating these Mexican candies as if they were potato chips or something...